PostHeaderIcon For rent: Sunflowerpalace !!!!

We invite you to come and enjoy the Sunflowerpalace, or should we say Sunflower paradise? Have a rest, far away from the busy, hectic life of every day. We invite you to lay back and surrender to the good life, which the Sunflowerpalace offers you.

What is more beautiful then to say "Hello" to the morning sun. The sunrise comes very early in Hungary, which brings more daylight in the morning. Rise and shine, there will be a party today. Everything comes alive on the premises when a new day starts. Do we put up the hammock or go out for a ride on the bike? Do we eat on the veranda, on the terrace or in the garden? Are the raspberries ripe for breakfast?

In Hungary we have a Mediterranean climate. Temperatures are between 25 and 37 degrees centigrade. De summer lasts from April until the end of October. So if you’ve got time…

Come to the Sunflowerpalace !!

The Sunflowerpalace is ready
to give you a holiday to remember.
Discover and enjoy the Sunflowerpalace.

In any case, welcome.

Petur van Sluis.